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For Japanese companies to triumph in the fierce competition and overwhelming trend toward globalization, it is essential to fundamentally streamline the business structure and build mission critical systems. MCFrame is an integrated framework, and that can help business transformation, bring our core competence, and empower the business capability of.

More than expected.

Business functions designed from the users’ perspective
MCFrame offers truly useful functions for users because it is fully aware of the business processes of manufacturers. This domestically made package is equipped with functions that meet the needs of Japanese manufacturers right down to every detail, encompassing production, sales and costs management.
Rapid implementation
We offer a rapid implementaion program called “PowerStart”, that has brought together expertise and experiences on MCFrame. System implementation project can be quick and inexpensive with the methodology PowerStart provides and with the wide-range of functions MCFrame comes with.
Flexibility, Scalability, and Expandability
MCFrame framework concept brings flexibility to adapt each client business process that differentiates in the competitive market. As a mission critical system, MCFrame is scalable and expandable to suit your business growth/change. Our partners provide various application running with MCFrame such as financial system, scheduler, MES, DWH, etc.

Product Info

MCFrame Functionality

Truly useful because we thoroughly understand what Japanese manufacturing industries need.

MCFrame is the integrated Framework for Production, Sales and Cost Management System. Toyo Business Engineering Corporation has developed this framework based on its experience in logistics system configuration for over 1000 clients. Since the first release in 1996, MCFrame has supported business innovation in terms of information technology in over 170 companies in a wide range of areas including assembly industries as well as the processing industries.

We have been promoting a framework concept that is flexible, expandable, and equipped with standard functions since 1996. With our framework method, a system can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively for each different business process. We know adapting each business process is essential because it is the source of core-competence of each client.

MCFrame Functionality

We have been upgrading MCFrame function to adapt up-to-date business environment requirements including global operation function, functions for internal control. We keep listening to the customers voice at MCFrame Users Group to upgrade products so that our clients can use MCFrame for years to come.

System Environment
Database server Client
[OS] Windows Server 2000/2003
[OS] Windows 2000/XP Professional
[Database] Oracle [Database] SQL*Net TCP/IP

*MCFrame is a registered trademark of Toyo Business Engineering Corporation.
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MCFrame Framework unleashes the Potential in Your Business

MCFrame Framework unleashs the Potential in Your Business

The MCFrame framework ensures a high degree of development efficiency and quality, with the total adoption of object-oriented technologies and FrameManager, the exclusive development environment. Once it is introduced and in use, the system can be flexibly modified and expanded.

MCFrame Framework unleashs the Potential in Your Business

The FrameManager is integrated development environment specially designed for MCFrame’s object-oriented architecture and its functions. With FrameManager, a programmer can develop a system just by designing a window layout, and meanwhile FrameManager develops programs associated with database. FrameManager supports from designing phase to development and testing phase.

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